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MotherBoard Repair

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iPhone motherboard repair requires years of experience. When you bring your iPhone to iRepair you can be sure your device is being repaired by some of the best chip level repair technicians in the world. We have been doing chip level repairs on the iPhone since it was introduced in Greece in 2008. We successfully complete hundreds of chip level iPhone repairs for our customers each month.

We can fix almost all motherboard problems including:

  • your iPhone Wi-Fi is grey
  • your iPhone is totally dead
  • your iPhone is liquid damaged
  • your iPhone is overheating
  • your iPhone doesn’t have IMEI
  • your iPhone does not charge
  • your iPhone LCD screen is not working
  • your iPhone touch screen is not working
  • your iPhone loses 3G, 4G or all signals
  • your iPhone camera is not working
  • your iPhone microphone is not working
  • your iPhone speaker is not working
  • your iPhone home button is not working
  • your iPhone gets error message during restore

Fixing the iPhone motherboard is usually not an easy repair and takes time. iPhone motherboard repairs can take from as little as a few hours to 7 days. The iPhone motherboard repair price depends on the exact damage and amount of damage on your particular device. Please call us and we can usually give you an estimated repair price over the phone.

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